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Determining what our purpose is in life can be one of the hardest questions that we as humans must try to answer. In this article I will be going through a step by step process, helping you to explore your feelings and options. By the end, you should have a fairly solid tool you can immediately employ in your life, to help give it a meaningful direction!

1st step: Make a list!

 Whatever it is that interests you, write it down and answer these questions:

  • What things do you always find pleasure in?
  • What things inspire you, move you forward?
  • Do you like tranquility and nature?
  • Do you enjoy going to the theatre or to concerts?
  • Do you love gardening and spending time with your family?
  • What is it that you love in this thing and why?
  • How could you do this for money, and make a living out of it?
  • Are you fond of helping other people?

2nd step: Creating your underlying principle.

The next step is to examine the list you just made and find out if there is any recurring theme. Whatever it is, try to identify the central theme of the things you love to do, and try to put it in a short and precise statement. This will be your ‘Mission Statement’.

3rd step: Aligning your life with your underlying principle

The final step in this journey is to map your path to your ultimate purpose and to begin implementing changes that help to align your daily life with your underlying purpose. By making these little changes in your lifestyle, you will start to be able to begin living this principle out each and every day. It might take a few days, but by becoming aware and intentional of this underlying principle of your life, you will certainly start to feel the difference in your enthusiasm for life as a whole. By following along with the steps outlined above, you will be on your way to finding and living out your purpose. Build a life you don’ t need a vacation from! (Rob Hill Sr.)

Barbara Láng-Szabó

Life Coach & Mental Health Counselor

Mental power Center is all about finding your balance with my guidance. Fell free to read my blog on life coaching and mental health with tips and techniques that may help you to find the path leading to the solution of your prolems.

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